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Be a part of the SHIFT of education into a healthy & empowering system of learning for all.

Imagine All Pre K-12 Schools as Life & Well-Being Learning Communities Where Everyone Thrives!

Our young people spend an average of 20,000 hours or 1750 days in school from PreK to 12th grade! It’s time to SHIFT the education system so schools are places where teachers and students soar into healthy ways of being, creativity, confidence, and share their gifts and talents with ease regardless of their culture, race, background or age.

The SHIFT has begun. We need YOU, -students, teachers, staff, administrators, coaches, parents, and community members, to be a crucial part of the grass-roots movement to SHIFT the current education system into the new-paradigm of education…one where students and educators thrive!

Take Action!

Create the new education story.

Your experiences and knowledge matter. There are 3 ways you can contribute to the N.U.D.G.E.

1: Tell Your Education Story

A Global Research Project

Tell your anonymous school stories and contribute new-paradigm principles to the N.U.D.G.E.! Click Here.

  • Answer a few survey questions about your past school experiences.
  • It takes about 15-20 minutes. 
  • We use statistical analysis to use your stories to create the principles of the N.U.D.G.E. 
  • After you complete your survey, your eligible for free monthly drawings for our merchandise.


A World Cafe Collaborative Learning Event

Slow down from your fast paced daily routines and step into a new-paradigm way of learning …where everyone is seen, heard and valued. Your ideas go straight to the N.U.D.G.E.!  Click Here.

3: Join Education Minds Alliance

A Global Team

Join other new-paradigm education minds to lead the SHIFT and take the N.U.D.G.E. to the top to make real change. Click Here.

Blog & Podcast

Many individuals are tired and exhausted of the challenges of the current education system. This is not to blame teachers, administrators, or students. In fact, there is no one to blame. The system has been this way for so long that it can be challenging to do things differently. But it’s possible and it’s happening. Read our Blog and listen to our Podcast round table for a vulnerable and frank discussion about current events in education and how we might perceive these events in a new light to make healthy and empowering change.

Have something to say?

You are invited to be a guest on the podcast!

We want you to be a guest on the Current Issues in Education podcast to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas about an issue in education that is close to your heart. Check out the Current Issues Blog page. Find the blog you are most passionate about. Sign up at the end of the blog to be a valued contributor on the round table discussion podcast. Receive a free CIE product if you are chosen! We look forward to you being a part of the EE revolution. Go to blog page.

Stand for the New-Paradigm

Check out our merchandise & help the cause!

Shop for T-shirts, hats, bags, stickers and a whole lot more. Talented Millennials and Gen Z’s help create the merch. When you buy a product, EErev receives a little more than the cost of the merchandise to support you, and all the teachers, principals and other school staff in participating in our events and learning the thriving skills to make school environments truly more healthy and empowering for everyone!  Thank you in advance for your support! Go to merch shop.

Our Voice Counts is a series of web gatherings of individuals (13-100 yrs. old) who are interested in having a voice in the positive co-evolution of our current education system. Using the World Cafe methodology, your positive learning experiences collaborate with many others, and come together to create a new-paradigm story of education.

Choose your group below to learn more.

Education Minds Alliance

A Global Collaborative Team

Do you have a new-paradigm mindset about education? Are you someone who is already doing something, or researching something, that is working to help students and educators thrive?

We would love you to participate in a group of education game-changers from all over the world, who are working together to shift the education system into a healthy and empowering system for all.

Using a new-paradigm teaching and learning framework, and principles of the New Universal Declaration of Global Education, we INFLUENCE national and global education, so young people and educators have the best chance to thrive in school, career and life.

Don't miss our next collaborative July 22, 2023

If you are interested in joining the Education Minds Alliance, please fill out this interest form and we will send you more information.

Interview Podcast

We believe that there is a vision of education that is already happening, and we would like to amplify the impact. We envision EErev coming along with some rocket fuel to help propel society into the tipping point for more widespread impact by interviewing individuals like you!

This podcast is a series of 30 minute interviews that unleash the contributions of new-paradigm educational minds of our time. Guests discuss with Meg Hanshaw PhD how their past life experiences, insights and discoveries, big or small, can be utilized to create the thriving principles of the New-paradigm Universal Declaration of Global Education and how these can be applied right now in the current education system, schools and classrooms.

If you are interested in joining the Education Minds Alliance, please fill out this interest form and we will send you more information.


A New-Paradigm Education Documentary

We need your help. We are developing a short documentary film to show:

  1. How the shift in education is already happening.
  2. What the new-paradigm framework and mindset of education is.
  3. The challenges of the current education system and how they are causing trauma.
  4. The new-paradigm minds in education from educators to researchers to students.
  5. To motivate people to participate in EErev.

We need your help!

Please consider donating to The Foundation documentary.

If you have a documentary talent, please contact us. We are looking for support in filming, media and editing. Thank you in advance for any support you can give!

EE Revolution

Body-Mind Adventure Center

Coming Soon!

Our online learning center will be ready soon! Please enter your email address to be notified when the Body MInd Adventure Center is open. In the meantime read our blog, shop our merch, and learn more about i.b.mee.