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We are a diverse collective of passionate and dedicated individuals of all ages who stand for a SHIFT of the current education system into a healthy and empowering system where all students are W.E.L.L. and schools are where everyone THRIVES! Learn more about the W.E.L.L.
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The Old Paradigm

System Focused


One Size Fits All

one-size-fits-all, roboticized, “fit-in-the-box”, lack of choice/directed, herding.


unbalanced, not fun or in the flow, sedentary, in lack of


competitive, must be the best, unequitable, injustice

Outcome Oriented

memorization, extrinsically motivated, fear-based, should already know it

Fixed Mindset

can’t make mistakes or fail; it means something is wrong with you, quit more often, disciplined for mistakes


from ourselves, each other & nature, “just-a-number”, labeled, disrespected, directed, judged, triggered, disempowered

Lack of Technology

lack of the use of current technology for its highest intention, talked at, decrease engagement, lower control of learning

Distrusting & Unsafe

decreases creativity, learning, emotional intelligence, and increases surviving

The New Paradigm

Person Focused

Person>Skills>System (Value Science)


intrinsically valued, choice-driven, purpose-filled, passion-based


high-level wellness, whole-person, fun and in the flow, energized, abundant


co-evolving, equitable, diverse, justice-filled

Process Oriented

portfolio-based, intrinsically motivated, connection-based, step-by-step

Growth Mindset

mistakes and failures are welcomed; it means you are learning, stimulates perseverance, learn self-discipline


to each other & nature, unique, strengths are seen, heard and valued, respected, guided, accepted, resilient, empowered

Innovative Technology

innovative and technology-based, positive intention of learning; makers space, increased engagement

Trusting & Safe

increases creativity, learning, emotional intelligence, and thriving

We need a new education system paradigm...

that holds the space for brilliant educators and the diverse nature of young people and how they truly operate and learn.

We need new education Principles of Success...

that unleash a healthy and empowering education system so everyone learning there thrives.

We need young people, students, teachers, parents, administrators, and educational leaders to stand for...

bringing to life a new-paradigm healthy and empowering education system.    

We need YOU to participate even in the smallest way...

everyone makes a difference. Join the team! Donate! Shop! Participate in events!

EE Revolution