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Pay or Play Challenge!

Do you have what it takes?

Step 1:
This is the way I play.

Show it, say it, act it, be it and show with actions why you love it, or say why you love it and it is YOU!” Or show hand/finger heart

Step 2:
I Challenge_______

Spread the word with “I challenge _____ to play his/her/their way….OR PAY!”

The Play or Pay Challenge brings awareness to the fact that the education system will thrive when learning prioritizes the intrinsic values, skills and passions of every student and their teachers.

We support an educational system where all students can thrive.

To do this, a learning system must be based on the genuine self-expression and intrinsic value of each child. 

The genuine or authentic self-expression of each person in the present moment, allows them to live their legacy NOW or more simply, base their learning on their passions, talents, interests, dreams and goals. THIS IS CALLED PLAY

  • We have forgotten how to PLAY.
  • When you learn through your “PLAY” research shows that you feel more joyful, healthy, resilient, and open to learning.
  • Without learning through PLAY, you can PAY the price by feeling more depressed, upset, antsy, bored and even sick. You can feel like you are wasting time. 
  • All ages of students, even adults, need to base their learning in the intrinsic value of themselves, their relationships, their community and their world.

Watch the Pay or Play Video

Ready to get involved? Watch this short video for everything you need to know.

The Goal of Pay or Play

For local, state and federal education systems to (1) understand what the word play really means, and (2) prioritize “Learning Through PLAY” in the daily lives of all-aged students and the adults who care for them.

With Play, we Thrive!

Energy & Wellness, Engagement, Resilience, Presence and Joy, Leadership, Approach Learning

Without Play, we Pay!

Boredom, Avoid Learning Depression  Disconnection Conflict Chronic Disease Violence Suicide

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